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What is Agape Ministries Press?

 Agape Ministries Press is an independent, interdenominational mission organization that was founded around 1984.  It embraces and supports the cultural diversity of Christ centered Kingdom Ministries and people in accordance with its Mission, Vision and Statement of Faith.                          



Steve Pater was a Sunday school teacher starting in the late 70s.  He later founded Agape Ministries Press in mid 80s.  It was  when he attended a Sunday school teachers� Convention in Toronto.  A package was given to him at the front door with a note  Don’t waste your life, use it.  In that package there was a letter describing ways to help people overseas such as sending Sunday School materials, medicine bottles, and eyeglasses etc. After the convention Steve went to his Pastor’s wife and asked if there were any Sunday school materials that are not being used as he would like to send them overseas.


     However as the days went by an increased demand of requests for Sunday school materials overseas was evident.  Steve went to Scripture Press in Whitby,  Ontatio and requested backdated materials, and they were very kind to give it to him for overseas. Also he received backdated materials from Regular Baptist Press, as well as other materials from Christian bookstores, churches and some from Pastors and other individuals. Besides these Sunday School materials being sent, Steve made and printed Gospel Tracts and Sunday School manuals and sent them also. Pastors and teachers overseas helped him to translate the gospel materials into their own language and dialect. Now these are being translated into over 10 dialects and 5 international languages.


     Since that small beginning, this ministry has grown, and now we have sent Evangelical materials to over 1,000 contact addresses worldwide to Europe, India, Africa, West Indies, and Southeast Asia.


     In addition to evangelical Materials being sent overseas, we also offer Christian videos. The video ministry started in 2005 during a Philippine mission trip when Steve saw the need for videos such as the Jesus video in different languages, action songs for kids, and teaching videos for Youth, Adults and Children.  Soon lots of Pastors, teachers and churches requested them. Some reported to us that these videos are being shown in Jails, Public Schools, Churches and Basketball courts. This leads us into a wider ministry.


     The extent of this Ministry for the Lord cannot be measured, but we are thankful to see some of the impact with the many letters and emails we receive each month from people whose lives have been touched. Many receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. We all know that Maturity comes through Precept and Practice. Bibles and books are indispensable for such a goal. Please read also about our Mission, our Vision, and What we Believe In.


Were on a Mission with a Vision

Our Mission:

     We exist as a non-profit mission organization committed to recycle new and used surplus Sunday School Materials, Evangelical literature, Educational Materials and others, and send it to needy individuals, Churches, Schools, Mission outreaches, and Nations as funds allow.

Our Vision:

1.    Promote and advance worldwide distribution of the Gospel, Christian teaching and Evangelical literature in accordance with the sound Bible Doctrines and Principles.

2.    Equipping the saints for the work of the Ministry.

3.    Support and maintain missions and missionaries in order to propagate this faith.

4.    Encourage members of the body of Christ through availability of evangelical materials and literature.

5.    Demonstrate Christian Love, Generosity and Service as an example to generations of Christians and as a way of showing good works for the Glory of God.

       Special Appreciation to those who helped get the ministry started
and also the memory of those who are now with The Lord :

 Rev. Lloyd and May Ketchum (both decease);  Steve’s own Pastor and Sunday school

Superintendent (Hamilton Foursquare Gospel Church 1972-1989).

Mr. & Mrs. George Clark (both decease) & Mrs. Kay Elyea; faithful volunteers and supporters

Mrs. Grace McCready;  Prayer Coordinator of Compass Point Bible Church Burlington

Donated duplicator stencil machine for the ministry to start Printing.


Mrs. Jean Nelson; Teacher & President of Women to Women Christian Ministries.

Helped us with instructional Videos for overseas, and designed our website.


.Scriptures Press (Paris), Regular Baptist Press (London), and Emmanuel Christian

 Bookstore (Hamilton);  who generously gave us backdated materials for overseas.


Mrs. Marion Raymond;  Foursquare Gospel Church Ontario Supervisor donated Bibles.


For our Family, Friends and others who helped and supported us in many ways.

 Board Members 

 Mr. & Mrs Byron Nelson, Helen Potocki, Mr. & Mrs. Steve Pater our first Board of Directors



Agape Ministries Press

       Financial Policy

The policy of Agape Ministries Press is to make its financial needs known to the Christian public to challenge Christians to support the ministry and to ask God for His faithful supply in accordance with the Scriptures.

In order to issue tax-deductible receipts, a non-profit organization must record and maintain control of all funds, including those given for missionary support. Spending of funds is confined to Board-approved programs and projects. Each restricted contribution designated towards a Board-approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason determined by the Board, the remaining restricted contributions designed for such program or project will be used where needed most. Gifts are acknowledged when received and an official receipt for income-tax purposes will be issued.

Agape Ministries Press as a faith mission, seeks the provision of its financial needs from the Lord Jesus Christ. As funds are received, the Mission dispenses funds to meet its ministry needs. These are determined by the field supervisor in the particular country in which the ministry works occurs.

      Privacy Policy     

Collection, Use, Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information

Personal information is anything that could lead to the identification of an individual.

Agape Ministries Press collects personal information that is offered voluntarily and freely only of those who support our activities, supply goods or services. Only the information provided by our supporters and suppliers is kept, and used exclusively by us for maintaining liaisons and communications with them. Credit card information is collected only for the purpose of effecting a contribution.

The information we hold is not sold, traded or loaned to any entity outside of Agape Ministries Press unless required by law, and is used only for the purposes for which it was gathered.

Name and address information of active and inactive supporters is kept for statistical purposes so that we may know the areas in which our supporters live. We may, from time to time, use this information for mass mailings.

Any person may request to have disclosed all personal information relating to them which is held on file with Agape Ministries Press. Any request to have one's personal information deleted from our records will be respected.

Any information transmitted to Agape Ministries Press via the internet, such as email, is done so at the originator's risk.

Agape Ministries Press will occasionally update this Statement of Privacy to reflect company and customer feedback. Agape Ministries Press encourages you to periodically review this Statement to be informed about how Agape Ministries Press is protecting your information.

Please address questions or concerns to The Executive Director of Agape Ministries Press at 30 Agincourt Ave., Hamilton, ON L8H 3M3.

      Legal Statement

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Agape Ministries Press has exercised its best efforts to provide truthful, timely and accurate information on  this site,

     but makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect thereto.

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A Special Poem

               Some may gather money along the path of life,

      And some may gather roses and rest from earthly strife,

             But I will gather children among the thorns of sin,

             I�d seek a golden curl or a toothless freckled grin,

             For money cannot enter that land of fadeless day,

            And roses that are gathered will wilt along the way,

       But oh, the laughing children when I cross the sunset sea!

                      When the gates swing wide to heaven-

                             I can take them in with me.


                                        Author Unknown