Happy Face Game




                                                        Front of Happy Face



                                                             Back of Happy Face




     This game is played with happy face circles that you place on a board.  Ask questions of the children, and when a child answers correctly, have them come up to the front and pick a happy face.  The number on the back of the happy face are the points that child gets for his team.  Each happy face has a different number on the back, and you will mix them up on the board.  I find that if you make them even numbers it is easier to add them up, and I would start with the number 100.  You can place any number of circles on the board, but 6 to 8 would be sufficient.  You can split your class in two groups, and ask the questions taking turns picking a child from each group.  If a team member misses an answer and does not get it correct, you would then past the question to the second team.  Of course, it is your game you can make the rules.  You can use this game with any bible questions, or questions about your story that you want to review.


     Cut out circles from light cardboard paper to whatever size you like as long as they will fit on your flannel board or a plain board.  Draw a happy face on the front of the circle and a large number on the back, but be sure that number will not show through to the front of the circle.   You will need to put some tape on the back to stick to the board.  .  The tape is placed on the back of the circle so that it sticks to whenever board you are using.  The circle facing the children will have happy faces, but on the back will be the numbers.