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Letters Received October 2022

On Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 01:49:59 a.m. PDT, Dear Tala <> wrote:

Greetings! I'm Deardee C. Tala,  a mother of 3 kids,41, and a middler Sunday school teacher of Mountainside Tribal Baptist Church and also a subject teacher in the seminary..I just want to extend my gratitude of the teaching materials that you and your crew have given me and my fellow Sunday school teachers. I have been wanting to send you an email but it was so long until I finally have my own phone. Once again thank you so much for the materials. The learning experiences of our children is always productive, creative and attractive...please reply to my email so I could update you with my Sunday school class. God bless you more.

From: Dear Tala <>
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 09:54:45 a.m. EDT
Subject: Re:

Greetings...About the seminar, it was a success and very satisfying indeed...The facilitators were great,we enjoyed learning as well. They shared some teaching strategies and techniques, and I feel proud about myself because I have been teaching the seminary school students the subject although lack of materials, I could still manage. I love doing it specially the flannel board activities since I studied elementary education in the Bukidnon State University, former Bukidnon State College...I also shared these ideas to my co- Sunday school teachers since they are still in their 20's, and currently in their studies. Most of all, the facilitators taught us the proper care of the materials and how to be an effective Sunday school teacher. Once again, thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,
Deardee Tala



Sent July 7, 2022

 Sir Steve and Helen Pater,

      I want to thank you for allowing your team to come to our small Island in Camiguin. Your ministry is such a blessings to me... the style of teaching Sunday school that would catch the attention to the kids is so good. Not only imparted the hows and why of Sunday school but you have provided materials I  so blessed. You know almost every week I search for  the internet for materials to be used. Well, I am so blessed though for this access... but your materials are the answers to my prayers. I am teaching mix Sunday school. I mean mixed ages as there are only small number of Sunday school teachers but now for the seminars and training you provide. I am looking forward to have a partner in teaching Sunday schools. Not only that, thank you once again  for the materials I can really use these. Big pictures for my beginners, bible study leaflets for my primary and  juniors. For the tract thank you thank you thank you. Actually for these tracts these are not new to me... for O have been using and giving it to our clients even I have just notice it. The late Rev. Agripino Baldemor used to gives us these tracts "Ang matuod na pagtugyan ngadto sa Dios"  and never new It was coming from you...thank you so much sir. I have given these to our clients. I worked as a community nurse and I always have it with me or bring couple of these tracts and give it our clients. Thank you once again. GOD BLESS YOUR HEART, for your love for equipping us Sunday school teachers to be effective teachers and above all for your love for the lost soul. Thank you and God bless you more.

Lea L. Ayad. 
Mambajao Fundamental Baptist Church
Mambajao Camiguin

Ps. We just finished our 2 days Sunday school and DVBS seminar with the Bukidnun Agape Ministries Press Mission volunteers. They were so knowledgeable and able. GOD BLESS YOUR TEAM TOO.


January 2022 - Letter and Pictures from Spiritual Life Church, Pakistan

Greetings in the precious name of the Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ!

Dear respected Agape Ministries press Mission.

This is Pastor yousaf Mashi from Lahore Pakistan I'm Founder & Chairman of Spiritual Life Church Ministry.We are thankful to you for this very blessed Beautiful Sunday School Books.We have received  from you.Very sorry to late inform you 4 days ago.Now I'm going to send you pictures of all that Books.Please when you receive it.Reply us.Once again thank you so much for all these books and love.

Many blessings and love.

Your brother.

Pastor Yousaf Masih               Click on Pictures Below to Enlarge Them

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Good day, I am Hatilyn Joy C. Asotigue, 21 years old one of the Participant during the seminar last 22nd day of April 2021 "Agape Distribution of Sunday School Materials"held  at Can-ayan, Malaybalay City Bukidnon Philippines, I am a Sunday School Teacher representative in our Church who attended there. I would like to send my thank you message for you and to all the volunteers in your  ministry from the bottom of my Heart a very huge and warm blessing and happiness to me as a sunday school teacher for kids in our church who don't have enough sunday school materials for almost 7 years as a sunday school teacher.  I am so glad and blessed that God sent your ministry here with different bridge to help us here especially juggle areas. Thank you so much and God bless.  Received:  May 6, 2021, 9:27PM

- April 2021

Good day to everyone. We asking your prayers for our coming SS distribution in Mindanao  this April. praying for the team of more than 10 people facilitated by Mdm Marivic and Mdm Helen and Family going for trip to.

For SS distribution tomorrow April 1 for Caraga island

April 9 to Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat

Caraga region churches are looking forward to see mam Helen and other volunteers from benguet at God's time. God bless



Click on Pictures to Enlarge Them

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Thank You Letter From Pakistan